General Supplies and Workshop



We are a one-stop-shop, stocking a huge range of Janitorial, cleaning products and maintenance supplies, packing supplies, along with a range of office supplies, food and beverages. We have everything you need to keep your workshop, Crib rooms, washrooms and clothing clean and looking and performing the way it should.

We stock and supply a huge range of Janitorial and General Workshop supplies including;

  • Cleaning Chemicals and accessories for floors, glass, auto, laundry and degreasing,

  • Garbage bins and bags,

  • Toilet sanitisers, Toilet and facial tissue,

  • Sunscreens

  • Workshop spill kits,

  • Rags,

  • Mops, brooms, brushes, buckets and hoses,

  • Hand towels and dispensers,

  • Kitchen appliances, urns, toasters, white goods, electrical and catering,

  • Disinfectants and deodorizers,

  • Air freshening products,

  • Kitchen Supplies, coffee and tea, Foods and Drinks, confectionary and more.

  • Packing tapes and shipping and handling accessories.