Company Profile

Teterin Supply is the Industrial Supply division of the Teterin Group. The company established in Muswellbrook in 1987 and was the first local company dedicated to the Supply needs of the mining and local businesses. The company has forged a niche market in the supply of mechanical, electrical and on & off-highway vehicle product supplies while specialising in Filters and Filter kits and New and Repaired Seats for mining vehicles. Today the company’s product range is quite diverse while still maintaining links to the core product supplies.

Our Company Charter is:

  • To create value for our customers through our business relationships.
  • To earn the trust and loyalty of Customers, Suppliers and Employees by delivering on our commitments.
  • To build a portfolio of value-adding products and services and provide consistent and reliable customer service.

We Value:

  • Win-Win relationships. The company places high value on having business relationships which focus on creation of value to our Customer and suppliers.
  • Reputation. The reputation and success of Teterin Supply depends on the integrity and professionalism the company demonstrates in its day-to-day dealing with its Customers and Suppliers.
  • The company is creating value when it is meeting or exceeding on its commitments to Customers and when the Customer is benefitting from the business relationship.

Teterin Supply is totally committed to Customer Service and creating Value for Customers.